Four Tricks to Make Learning Fun

Play is the work of children. Through play, children learn about themselves and the world around them. The best learning occurs when a child’s experiences are pleasurable, satisfying and safe. Recent research highlights the significant difference motivation makes on the brain’s ability to change (called neuroplasticity).


Which means…

if we want children to really learn, we need to make the learning motivating and fun.

Here are four ideas on how to introduce elements of fun into any learning environment: (Remember you are only limited by your imagination!).

  1. Use messy play: children love to make a mess and its amazing what you can draw in fingerpaint, sand, custard, chocolate pudding, flour, water and anything else that can be sloshed, spread or just thrown around. (Don’t forget tidying up is learning too)
  2. Textures: Add textures to make life more interesting. Draw shapes or letters in sand, seeds, sugar, flour, whipped cream, cooked pasta, styra foam etc. Try put sandpaper or towels under paper while writing, place sponges in bath or use rough and smooth towels.
  3. Music and movement: Use fun, funky, lively music and dance or jump or do other movements while you learn your spelling and timetables.
  4. Imaginative Play: Turn the room into a pirate’s ship, forest, jungle, ghost house, seascape, space or even a dinosaurs’ cave. A few old sheets, broomsticks, pillows, bunk beds, clothes, coloured paper, flashlights all go a long way towards setting the scene.



And most important:

Remember to have FUN!

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